Evolved Ballistics is a Proof Research Preferred Dealer for Rifles.

Evolved Ballistics adds value in many ways:

  • EB inventories the largest quantity of Proof rifles for quick delivery. If we don't have it in stock, we can often expedite delivery faster than a direct Proof Research order.
  • EB will usually price match and can often sell lower with package deals.
  • EB can provide load development to optimize your rifle precision. (Currently averaging < .25 MOA) (Part of 1000 Yard Ready package)
  • EB can profile your rifle for long range and program your ballistic rangefinder. (Your rifle will be ready to go for long range) (part of 1000 Yard Ready package)
  • EB provides Training for Long Range first shot Accuracy. (We teach you to achieve precision and long range accuracy with your rifle)
  • EB offers only the best accessories for you rifle, including Nightforce Optics, Sig Kilo 2400, G7 BR2 ballistic rangefinders, Atlas bipods and other products to complete the rifle system.

Overall, we enable you to realize the full potential of your Proof Research rifle.
We believe they are the very best rifles for hunting and long range, period.


They are lighter, stronger and more accurate than anything else available. They use Proof Carbon Fiber barrels, Proof hand-laid carbon/Kevlar composite stocks and Proof Research/Defiance actions. All the best components available. These rifles impress even the most veteran shooter. Proof Research builds to ensure every rifle performs flawlessly, shot after shot under the harshest conditions. Extremely accurate, extremely durable. No other rifle manufacturer, production or custom, can offer what they do. They have proven that reducing weight doesn't have to compromise precision or durability. In fact they are making extreme long range accuracy commonplace.

Evolved Ballistics highly recommends Proof Research Rifles. We have used and abused them with flawless ongoing precision performance. You really can have light-weight, light recoil, rugged durability and match-grade precision. Nothing else can match them. They are truly outstanding hunting and long range rifles.

Evolved Ballistics suggests you consider our configurations of Proof Research rifles below. Of course, you can custom build as you like on our Custom Rifle Builder page. We are happy to discuss and help at 210 378-8488.

The Glacier TI - Ultralight Mountain Rifle is an ultralight Lone Peak Titanium action and Proof's new ultralight stock. EB is emphasizing the ultralight and using a 22" Proof Sendero barrel. It's beauty is that it starts around 5.5 lbs and can be scoped to be 6.5-7.75 lbs, has very well managed recoil and achieves match grade precision. Evolved Ballistics expects .25 moa or better while Proof guarantees .5 moa. To my knowledge, this is unprecedented in an ultralight rifle.


The Match Grade Hunter and Long Range Precision Rifle are slight variations on the Terminus stock, Defiance Deviant Hunter action, Jewell Trigger and Proof Carbon Sendero barrel. The Match Grade Hunter, (MGH) is typically built with 24" barrel and with a bias toward no muzzle brake for lighter cartridges. The Long Range Precision Rifle, (LRP), uses 26" barrel to enhance velocity and a Holland's Radial Baffle muzzle brake to reduce recoil and enhance your ability to watch bullet impact.

Tac III uses a Bighorn action with Jewell or Triggertech trigger, a reworked Tactical stock with flush cups, AI detachable or BDL magazine with APA's Little Bastard muzzle brake or threaded for your suppressor. They are extreme precision systems!
In-stock chambers include: 6.5CM, 7mm Rem Mag, 28 Nosler, 300 WM, 300 RUM. Of course all Proof Research chambers are available. See Chambers in Rifle Builder.