Evolved Ballistics - Long Range First Shot Accuracy

Evolved Ballistics Long Range Shooting Training courses are comprehensive. So beginners and experienced shooters both fit. We share knowledge, experience and practical application of all topics essential to shooting precisely and accurately at long range. You spend years preparing, saving and dreaming of your trophy of a lifetime. Our training can give you ability to take your trophy with great confidence. We also teach when not to take the shot. We teach a lot in a little time. But no pressure, it’s all fun!


Option 1: Create your own group of 4 to 8 students. We will work with you on custom dates and discount price to $850 each.

Option 2: Call us and put your name on a list. We will create periodic classes and send you an email notice. Let us know if you can attend and give a deposit. Price is $975.

Option 3: Private/Customized classes are available. Call and discuss to make arrangements.

Classes are conducted at South Hills Ranch 50 miles west of San Antonio. Pricing includes 2 nights bunk room accommodation and meals.

CONTACT US AT 210 378-8488 to discuss classes.

Other classes priced as specified below or P.O.R. for custom.


Paul Butler



Purpose: The Hunter Field Skills Course gets the Hunter off the stand and out of the prone and teaches them the skills needed to confidently take long distance shots from tripods, the off hand, and improvised positions. Learning these skills will allow you to take a shot from any place regardless of your situation so that you will no longer be limited to the "perfect" spot to take the shot. Having these skills and confidence will increase your opportunity for a successful hunt. There is nothing worse than spotting your quarry and being unable to get to a position fast enough or lack the confidence to take the shot from a supported position.

The Hunter Field Skills Course is a 2.5 day course that will be taught at South Hills Ranch by highly trained and professional instructors who have both a passion for hunting as well as long distance precision shooting. The first day will start off in the classroom where classes will cover the fundamentals of a supported position, shooting sticks, Bog Pods, and the use of a tripod with a Hog Saddle. The class will then head out to the range for live fire application of all of the classes. The day will end with a debrief in the trophy room. The next morning, we will be back in the classroom to cover offhand shooting and improvised positions in a field environment. After the class we will head out to the range for some live fire practical application of what we covered in the classroom. The day will end with a graded drive-around course that will test the shooters ability to apply what they have learned over the past two days.

Instructor: Paul Butler is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. As a Recon Marine he became the lead instructor for the Expeditionary Operations Training Group Urban Sniper Course and Aerial Sniper Course. He has over 12 years of experience as a Marine and over 7 years of experience as a Scout Sniper. He has trained Recon Snipers, Scout Snipers, MARSOC Snipers and Navy SEAL Snipers over his years as an instructor. His experience and knowledge has developed this course in order make you a more proficient shooter, giving you the skills needed to confidently take a shot in the fi eld from a position other than the prone.

Call Paul with questions at 210 378-8488.


Shooter/Spotter course consists of one training day that will enable a team of shooters to communicate efficiently to one another in a hunting or competition scenario. Whether you are out in the field or going through a competition, time can be of the essence and it is essential for a shooter and spotter to be able to communicate information quickly and accurately. This one-day course will lay a foundation for this.

Course is developed by Paul Butler who instructed at the Urban Sniper Course in the Marine Corps where the sniper teams had to quickly and effectively communicate information on an ever changing battlefield. These techniques can be applied for team competitions and hunters in the field.

Classes will cover target acquisition, shooter/spotter dialogue, shot correction techniques, and shooter/shooter engagement techniques.

Range time will include practical application of everything that is taught in the class and finish with an evaluated course of fire that will test the student’s knowledge and application of the material.

Course starts at 8:00 am and ends around 3:30 pm.

This course will require each person to have a partner. Shooters will need a rifle and scope with MIL or MOA adjustable turrets and preferably first focal plane though it is not required. Both shooters will need at least 50 rounds. Shooters will be required to know their dopes or have software such as “Shooter” or “Applied Ballistics Kestrel”. Please come with the rifles zeroed.

Optional equipment: shooter ballistic software, laser range finder, spotting scope and tripod

Course Cost: $395. Call Paul at 210 378-8488 to discuss.

Custom classes are available.