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Swarovski X5i

The Swarovski X5i Riflescope is a long range hunting scope offering maximum optical performance with a large field of view. Since being introduced at the IWA Show in Germany back in 2015, this riflescope has grow in popularity with a 5 x zoom and newly designed turret and inversion system, along with spring retentions and lever system.

Made from the Finest Quality Materials

The Swarovski X5i offers eighty clicks per revolution, a subzero function and Swaro coating, offering the best quality scope manufactured using the finest quality materials and going through exceptionally high quality control checks.

The easy handling and rugged design of this scope is just one of the many reasons that long range shooting enthusiasts are choosing this product. It offers ten illumination levels and the rifle scope reaches a range of up to 116 MOA (Minute of Angle.)

Why Buy Your Swarovski X5i from Extreme Ballistics

We are delighted to be able to supply our clients with the Swarovski X5i. With our years of experience focusing on extreme precision to ensure long range shooting with first time accuracy, this riflescope was an essential to add to our extensive portfolio.

We offer our full range to our clients worldwide with fast dispatch and effective to the door delivery. Contact us today to find out more about the Swarovski X5i scope.