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Lightweight Mountain Hunter - LMH

Evolved Ballistics Lightweight Mountain Hunter

Designed and custom built by Proof Research for Evolved Ballistics, the Lightweight Mountain Hunter (LMH) is the lightest precision hunting rifle available from Proof Research. Perfect for the challenges of hunting big game in high country. It is a precisely engineered trophy-harvesting machine that couples reduced weight with durability and long range precision. This is the pack friendly rifle designed for the extreme hunter who likes to go farther and hit harder without compromising performance.

EB configures the LMH using the Summit stock with 2 action options: The Defiance Rebel (lighter but no rail) and the Defiance Deviant Hunter with a 20 MOA integral rail. EB’s use and testing of these rifles demonstrates no compromise on precision with this more slender stock! So, we offer them in the light configurations for the high mountain hunters and with the same action and configurations available for the Terminus stock and LRP, MGH rifles! It is not a compromise on precision, just a very slight weight reduction and a slender stock.


• Defiance Rebel action or Defiance Deviant Hunter action w/20 MOA integral rail
• Proof Research Summit hand laid carbon/Kevlar stock w/zero tolerance bedding
• Proof Research Carbon Sendero barrel
• Jewell trigger set at 2.25lb.
• Holland Radial Baffle brake (optional)
• Pachmayr Decelerator pad
• Proof Research 1/2 MOA guarantee

EB’s lightest weight configuration uses a Defiance Rebel action. It is the Lightweight Mountain Hunter. Starting at $6,340 and 5lbs 11ounces. Typical builds with Defiance Rebel short action and Nightforce 2.5-10x42 Compact scope are typically just under 8 lbs. EB’s less weight conscious configurations include the Defiance Deviant Hunter action with a 20 MOA integral rail. Starting at $6,490 and 6lb 13 oz. Full builds with Nightforce NXS or ATACR and muzzle brake are typically 8.8-9.8lbs. EB inventories many of the LMH rifles, Nightforce scopes and components for fast delivery. 1000 Yard Ready package usually takes 2 weeks. Custom orders typicall take 5- 6 months.

For Long Range applications we recommend:

• Nightforce Optics: NXS 2.5-10x42 Compact*, NXS 5.5-22x50 or ATACR 5-25x56 with bubble level
• Atlas Bipod
• Sig Kilo 2400 or G7 BR2 Ballistic Rangefinders
• 1000 Yard Ready package (load development and ballistic profile)
• Training: EB Long Range first shot Accuracy
*For weight reduction: We recommend the Nightforce Compact NXS 2.5-10x42 scope. It weighs only 19ounces, about a pound lighter than the NXS (31oz) and ATACR (33-39oz) scopes, while retaining all long range capability. We have demonstrated extreme accuracy with it well beyond 1000 yards. Recommended cartridges include: 6.5CM, 6.5x284, 280 AI, 7mm Rem Mag and 300 Win Mag. Other cartridges are available.

You really can have Light-weight, light recoil, rugged dependability and Match Grade Precision!

Call 210 872-7790 to check configurations in inventory.